InShortViral: A 23-year-old Bahamas man was charged with invasion of computer virus program, hacked into the emails of more than 130 celebrity accounts and steal sex video, porn photographs

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] 23-year-old Bahamas man was charged with invasion of computer virus program, hacked into the emails of more than 130 celebrity accounts and steal sex video, porn photographs, screenplays and other sensitive personal information, even stolen script of upcoming album of a famous A-List Celebrity.

New York court finally accepted the case, hacker moniker himself as Alonzo Knowles he was eventually accused lured hundreds of celebrities provide their email account passwords in order to steal their personal information, and use a simple social engineering, fishing skills, access to information not only released but also including screenplay and music, even there is one victim of sexual information. There is news that the suspect is an illegal intrusion by e-mail account and send the malicious computer program to celebrities computer a way to steal private information.

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Hacked Into 130 Celebrities Email Accounts, Stolen sex Tapes And Movie Script

According to the indictment describes the illegal authority of the stolen things from the celebrity and the upcoming movie scripts he now tries to sell some of the information to an anonymous buyer, claiming that these are priceless information.

Knowles told The anonymous buyer and same as well the buyer willing to pay him $ 80,000 and told to begin broadcast of these stolen information on a television. Knowles was arrested in the cyber criminal offence as well as the other guy also in charge of this. The suspects have expressed their own hands an American front-line stars of the upcoming release of the new album 30 new songs were stolen.

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Also it’s in the report that there is evidence that Knowles plans to use a popular New York radio station to began broadcasting the scriptand sex tapes, explicit images , and now got through the first quarter of the previous six episodes content of TV scripts, have the remaining contents after launch will be.

Radio host immediately after hearing the news link US Department of Homeland Security, and Knowles and remain together, and finally moderator allowed under law enforcement responded Knowles information and to purchase screenplay as an excuse to cheat to the United States. Two weeks later, Knowles flew to the United States after he received $ 80,000 provided by the host was immediately arrested.

Knowles will face litigation

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On September 1, 2014, foreign hackers suspected use Apple’s iCloud disk system vulnerabilities, illegal to steal a number of global popular actress nude images, and then publish online forums, after some people become “Hollywood Pornographic.”

He described the current revealed that he visited at least 130 celebrity sex video, film and television scripts, personal information. In addition, he also received numbers of celebrity social security number, license plate number and driver’s license.

Although there is no mention of one of the victims confirmed that Knowles sex tape, but he says he can find it in the account of its being attacked in. It is reported that, in addition to malicious programs via e-mail, Knowles also sents to some of the stars of fake text messages, claiming that the other was found hacked by hackers need to inform the account password to protect their account security, it will also help them deceive many stars Personal account number and password.