Only 15% Of Compatible Devices Has Installed Windows 10 Mobile Update
Only 15% Of Compatible Devices Has Installed Windows 10 Mobile Update

Why Windows 10 Mobile update has been installed in only 15% of compatible devices?
Here we got few major reasons for slower adoption of Windows 10 Mobile update.

Only 15% Of Compatible Devices Has Installed Windows 10 Mobile Update

[dropcap]Microsoft[/dropcap] recently released the OTA update of Windows 10 Mobile for compatible devices, allowing millions of the users to enjoy the freshness of this new update without being participating Insider testing program. However, the adoption of the system is a bit slower than anticipated, most probably because it is necessary to have the Update Advisor app installed on the device.

Only 50.4% of all active Windows devices are able to be upgraded into the Windows 10 Mobile, but currently, only 15.2% of these were running the new update of Windows 10 Mobile. So, Microsoft must disclose the update in a better and easy way. With this, Windows 10 Mobile update Microsoft ranks second as the most used edition, reaching 7.7% of total assets device against 81.1% who are still in Windows Phone 8.1.

Still on the ability to upgrade the devices into Windows Mobile 10, the fact is, 49.6% of all devices being abandoned by the Microsoft, which will certainly not be very well accepted by the developers and the investors, as most of them would be fully able to rotate the platform. Moreover, Microsoft has promised that Windows 10 Mobile update will be available for all the models with Windows Phone 8/8.1, and it is something that the company should never repeat, which is very bad for a company to have its promises broken.

The current portion of the users with Windows 10 Mobile update will increase significantly in the coming months, as the compatible devices are updated, which enabling a greater number of devices have access to the universal apps and can see the work done by the developers around the world in recent months.

Few reports states that the new users for Lumia 640 and Lumia 535 has increased considerably in recent weeks, which means that more and more people are abandoning old models and started buying the devices which are eligible or compatible for the latest update Windows 10 Mobile, thus company expecting that this increment may increase this share approximately by 50%. However, the company may face difficulties to find the members of Lumia x20 and Lumia x30 lines for sale, and it is natural that people who still see potential in Windows Phone, may end up by acquiring newer devices that comes with the latest update(Windows 10 Mobile) out of the box.

If Microsoft can provide the update without using the Update Advisor app then the number of users using Windows Mobile 10 will increase considerably, but no one knows that whether this will happen or not.


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