Xiaomi India manufacturing Unite at Sri City as Faxconn facility manufacturing unit is the India most popular and maximum numbers of smartphone have been manufacture from here, and now as compare to China Xiaomi, India Xiaomi is making more profit!

Chinese cell phone creator Xiaomi Corp. said its deals in India have been developing at a quarterly normal of 45% and questioned information from an examination firm indicating its first decrease in telephone shipments into the nation since appearing in June. It has tied up with top e-business firms, for example, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India to offer its telephones web, including holding streak deals for its new models. As indicated by information by Counterpoint Research.

Users in India mainly focused on Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime with low cost under budget smartphone and also it is India Made smartphone at Foxconn facility manufacturing unit as Sri City, its sold 1 million smartphone, but not from Xiaomi China, its Xiaomi India. the report from the Xiaomi official as Xiaomi India Head Manu Jain. Jain declined to give subtle elements of the quantity of telephones delivered to India last quarter. Xiaomi lost the piece of the pie fundamentally due in the low-evaluated portion because of rivalry the preferences Lenovo and Micromax’s image YU.

Made In India Xiaomi Sales More Than China Xiaomi Import

This report came from Xiaomi officials because they after reading the blog post published by Counterpoint research, the blog post is about the growth of smartphone in India as made in India as well as the import of smartphone in India. in the blog post report it clearly says that, shipment from Chinese manufacturer has been greatly fall but in the opposite side Indian manufacturing is increasing its sales quarterly as the more demand from the users.

The Xiaomi India Head Manu Jain added: “Probably the possibility of this report analysis from the Counterpoint may not be correct, the point or numbers they have provided in their blog post is underestimate false”, now as per the report from Counterpoint, Xioami China to India shipment is fall be 2% last quarter, even China Xiaomi number of shares have declined the same quarter but as compare to other smartphone giant as Samsung and Micromax is quite more healthier condition in market shares, whereas Samsung maintain 23% market shares which is India’s current leading Smartphone company next with leading Micromax approximately 18% and with follow to Micromax Intex gained to 12% market shares.

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After commenting Xiaomi India head Manu Jain, the official firm Counterpoint representative said that the report they have created have been analysis from suppliers and dealers of all over India. As comparison of smartphone shipping into India is much more interesting, the Indian manufacturer is in the highest list of importing smartphone parts for its YU version of smartphone as 800,000 unites, with following smartphone Xiaomi is lower as 600,000 unites of smartphone and under this Lenovo and Motorola together imported 200,000 smartphone in the country.


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