Rise of The Tomb Raider Review [Video]

When Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced, I was afraid. Admittedly: the interval between the rebooting and the sequence was relatively short (a little over two years). We know that traditionally large successors take longer than that.

It is not easy to improve a product that already has wide acceptance in the market and is consolidated among longtime fans and newcomers. Tomb Raider achieved this in 2013.

After a long hiatus for the last canonical title in the franchise, Tomb Raider: Underworld, 2008, the reboot came in 2013 with moderate expectations, as the series went on the ropes in the first half of the past decade. Even more so after the fiasco that was Angel of Darkness, released for PS2 and PC (although I like this game).

[Video] Rise of The Tomb Raider Review

With the arrival of Tomb Raider: Legend in 2006, Lara Croft gave their flashes and pleased. The direct result of this game, Underworld, was also cool, but he had lost his breath.

The truth, unvarnished, is that the series did not walk in the footsteps of an industry that never puts its foot on the brake and before a version of underwear called Nathan Drake and other titles in the genre run the risk of falling into oblivion.

Rise of the Tomb Raider gives the sequence reinvention successfully in 2013. Here, Lara Croft, more mature and experienced, embarks on an adventure searching for a secret capable of granting immortality to those who find a sacred artifact in Siberia.

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Not satisfied with his misadventures in Yamatai, the cursed island in the previous game, the archaeologist part in a journey started by his father and again risks his skin to live up to the legacy of the Croft family and trigger a mystical sect that can put humanity in a critical situation.

Although it seems cliché at first glance, the story unfolds with the best spices overturn. The first three hours introduce the player to the game’s world and the context that made Lara seek the sacred treasure.

To balance the scales between girl and villain, the operator faces in Siberia an army of mercenaries known as Trinity and led by Konstantin, a visionary decimating the locals for information and, of course, the sacred artifact.

Lara and the supporting characters involve the player in a very natural way. At first glance, the plot seems to come down to a classic treasure hunt, at about the line of “A National Treasure” or even “Indiana Jones”. But it is not a mere treasure hunt.

The new adventure of Lara Croft tweaks more with RPG than a reboot. The crafting system, for example, is much more complete. We must collect a series of scrap objects and add them to animal hides, feathers, plants, and other elements for building improvements, healing medicines, arrows, and other materials necessary for the survival of Lara in the frozen Siberian mountains. If before we had a menu with ten options, we now have a menu with more than twenty.


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