A man just saved his life from newly purchased Samsung s6 from a gunshot

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to a French site, a boy named Sylvestre was near the Stade de France, where France and Germany played a football friendly. A gunman and a suicide bomber tried to storm the arena, but were only able to carry out the attack near the site. Outside the stadium, a suicide plane and a shooter made ruin by exploding a bomb, and shooting rounds.

Sylvestor was hit by a section from the bomb. Under typical circumstances, he would have wound up a measurement in a body pack. Be that as it may, it just so happens, his Samsung Galaxy S6 edge arrived to take the brunt of the assault.

Man is Saved by Terrorist Attack in Paris Thanks to The Galaxy S6

Man is Saved by Terrorist Attack in Paris Thanks to The Galaxy S6
Man is Saved by Terrorist Attack in Paris Thanks to The Galaxy S6

Sylvestre, who bought the smartphone a few days ago, spoke on the phone when the attack began. Shrapnel from one of the explosions was toward the boy and reach full in the head, but found the smartphone Galaxy S6 in place. The jacket he helped to protect the explosions. While his telephone was not doing so good, it can be supplanted. His life, not really.

On both sides of the phone, you can see what happened: on the one hand, an impact point and on the other, the fully cracked screen. The boy was with a small mark resulting from the explosion and what appears to be a foot injury.

Cell phones and online networking had real impact in getting the story out. One man of his word stuck at the Bataclan theater, where more than 100 were murdered amid a show by U.S. band Eagles of Death Metal, tweeted about the slaughter he had seen. Others caught sickening pictures seen all through the city, by utilizing the camera on their telephone.

Social networks were crucial to inform the world about the Paris attacks, either to official information or messages to relatives who are in town. Sylvestre will probably substituir the phone for a new and, fortunately, did not join the already frightening statistics of the attacks.

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The video above is not in English, but rather you can essentially make sense of what Sylvester is looking so as to state just at his injured Galaxy S6 edge, and the injury on his body. In the event that the telephone hadn’t arrived to take the hit, there is most likely about what might have transpired.


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