Apple Accepts There is a Problem With iPad Pro
Apple Accepts There is a Problem With iPad Pro

Users complaining to the several Apple forums that newly purchased 12.9-inch tablet having a problem on the screen, the screen turns black after charging and users unable to using the devices as to operate or navigate it.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]pple officials said that they currently working with the problem in the iPad, soon it will be resolved, as per the data from Re/code. The newly purchased device owners are registering their complaining on social media the complain about the save iPad device that going to turn into the black screen without any display soon after charging the iPad.

After all this frustration users posted their problem with #Apple #iPad to the Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Soon after the report and users review from the users Apple officials service support released a support document that says how to reset the iPad Pro soon after when it goes blank screen and correspondingly not responding, this support is for temporary for its users but at the other side Apple has started working on that how to fix the problem, if so then all the users will have to move their devices to the Apple services centre or either OTA update might be received if not hardware problem.

Apple Accepts There is a Problem With iPad Pro

This Apple device get highlighted because of a user who posted to the Apple Forum about the problem and also said that how he managed to come to the devices life back, because after the charges plugged in he went to bed and soon after he woke up he saw the devices was dead and not responding with even the power button, soon he managed to hard reset the devices.

See the report below how he posted the problem with the solution and also how soon he received 350 comments.


I got my iPad Wednesday, spent the evening getting it all setup. Restored from backup, ensured everything was there, wiped my iPad air 2 (sold it), deleted it’s back up and went on with my normal routine.

At night, it was down to 40% so I charged it and went to bed. When I woke up it was “dead”. It wouldn’t wake up. I needed to perform a hard reset to get it to come to life. Worked on it for a couple of hours and had to run an errand. Plugged it back in as I was going to need a full charge later that day. Came back to it, same thing. Dead. I needed to perform a hard reset to get it to turn on.

Used it more, then last night plugged it in and this morning, same thing. I am thinking that there is an issue with this iPad.
I am now restoring it, since that it what online support recommended I try. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

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Apple support suggests its users that how to get back their iPad Pro alive, to do that users must force to restart it by pressing and holding both the buttons as Sleep/Wake and Home buttons which will last for ten seconds until its users see coming back the Apple logo. But as we have said that this is for a temporary solution for its users currently facing, Apple already started working to fix the problem with the recommendation of OTA update to resolve the problem not required to take the device iPad Pro to Apple Service Centre.


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