IBM Technological Multinational Company January 2015 launch new technology dubbed ‘Identity Mixer’ this is the technology inside the tool that prevent other application from getting personal information from the user’s database.

On Friday, the company IBM relaunched another version for its developer as open source available on its Blue Cloud Platform.

This Identity Mixer protects its users from leaking personal data during the system authentication process, which is also called ‘Zero Information Proof’.

This is eventually for the safety of the users, usually at the time of app installation or granting any permission to access personal information from the users; many application also requires some of the unnecessary requirement which is eventually required for the app, but still, they need to know users personal info, whereas the IBM technology prevents that application which tried to gain access to users basic information also.

Identity Mixer Prevents Other Apps to Access Your Personal Info

Other application that requires such unnecessary from the users, such as an example: “Any application provide online video streaming service and at the time of logins or viewing any video users need to verify their age restrictions process, by typing names of last and first, what is your age, what is your Address and date of birth, etc, all this unnecessary using users info are not even required”.

How does Identity Mixer work?

Firstly thanks to the IBM developers who work to set up algorithms on cryptography which helps the developers to develop a code of the app deep end for authenticating users’ identity only concentrating on using essential proofs of the users, which is a ‘Zero-Knowledge Proof’ and corresponding collects no unnecessary identity of the users.

In this way, in the gushing administration illustration, clients would have both character and membership certifications put away in an individual Credential Wallet. The outcome, as per IBM, is that clients’ protection is better safeguarded, and the administration supplier is saved from the need to ensure and secure every incidental information.

To get to a motion picture, they could utilize that electronic wallet to demonstrate that they’re qualified to watch the chosen content without exposing some other subtle elements.

Paul Stephens, chief of arrangement and support at the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, said, “Anything that should be possible to lessen the measure of information that is gathered as a feature of the verification procedure is certainly something worth being thankful for.” likewise said: “One of the key standards for ensuring protection is the idea of information minimization,”


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