New Strategy is Spying on ISIS Instead of Hacking
New Strategy is Spying on ISIS Instead of Hacking

What is hacking the terror attacks or preventing the terror attacks, one hacking group is just hacking ISIS network and another is without hacking just secretly known the strategy of ISIS and preventing the next terror attacks. Previously after the shake of the world affected by Paris attacks by so-called ISIS now been hacked by many Cyber hackers.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he hacking group Anonymous and Ghost Security Group declare cyber war against ISIS, Anonymous previously declared about hacking into thousands of ISIS Twitter accounts and another low scale hacking group claim that they have prevented one of the terror attacks from ISIS, and this is the new way of hacking into the system and just stay calm without prompting anyone that network in your control.

This low scale hacking group have said, they were fed up with the regular tactics of Anonymous is doing. Ghost Security Group executive director said to BBC Network via telephonic interview, “They [Anonymous] don’t have any counterterrorism experience whatsoever,” also said, “We felt that not enough was being done and the Charlie Hebdo attack made it clear that ISIS was not confined to the Middle East.”

New Strategy is Spying on ISIS Instead of Hacking

“Hacking will not work in the counterterrorism, following the path of Jihadi websites and Twitter accounts as monitoring them will help us to gather more information regarding their next steps of terror attacks”, “instead of DDoS attacks we like to infiltrate Jihadis messaging and decoding their text if we successful in doing the confirm information will be passed to Law Enforcement to prevent the same terror task.”

All this clears from the beginning that the attacks Charlie Hebdo in January have direct messages to everyone that this just a start of ISIS and from the time all the anti-terrorism players around the world should have started spying over ISIS.

“We would very much want to stop assaults than close down sites,” the official chief said. “I don’t think DDoS assaults do an enormous measure of harm to Islamic State. The gathering claims that it has as of now foiled one assault in Tunisia by getting on what they say was online jihadi gap which showed that activists would assault a particular area on the island of Djerba. Like alternate claims the gatherings have made, however, it’s hard to confirm that they impeded an assault.

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The plot, Ghost Security says, was intended to be a subsequent meet-up the June shoreline slaughter which executed 38 individuals, for the most part, British vacationers. Reports demonstrate that Djerba did to be sure show up on a rundown of IS focuses in Tunisia in July. Unknown are hitting some radical discussions that have insight esteem, yet we might want discussions to stay online so we can see what individuals are stating and accumulate knowledge from them.”


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