Bangladesh Government ban on social media for public demand as well as security reason, as for recent death plenty of two opposition leaders charges against crimes in war during 1971 with Pakistan.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ocial networks are now engaging more and more users but at some point this could strike a massive intolerance in the country by sharing satirical images all over the internet which could lead the country dismantle, Bangladesh government blocked Six foreign application social media as Facebook, Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, Viber, and Tango.

Bangladesh Government has just five days before confirmed silence on speaking against anymore regarding the death plenty of two opposition leaders charges against crimes in war during 1971 with Pakistan. Bangladesh cited its security reason for all this social media connectivity banning for temporary. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) said, “This types of images make the country situation more critical even in absolute security time, these images hurt sentiments for the base people in our country as Muslim, thousands promotion, and demonstration had taken to the streets of Bangladesh to demand on social media ban.”

Bangladesh Offline: Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber are Blocked

According to information, the cue is running the network, the country’s inhabitants are forbidden to use social networks because of the action of criminals. There, These people have found These services the perfect channel to advertise Their plans, keep in touch and even criminal coordinate activity, but it seems cue there is another reason behind this measure.

The site The Economic Times reports cue this ban was done for fear cue the opposition end up revolting after the death sentence decision of some opposition leaders because of crimes committed During the 1971 war (and Whose performances Took place this week). Thus, an explanation Also for such action can be related to colleagues anti-government people Could create some kind of plan to Affect you.

It is worth mentioning cue, as always, some wise guys found a way to circumvent this system. On Twitter (and even Facebook itself), some users are reporting messages explaining how you can get around this ban using VPNs.

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Something worth mentioning is cue this is not the first team quo social networks are banned in Bangladesh, for the same action was seen in 2010. At the team, the decision was taken after some satirical images of the Prophet Muhammad Appeared in the network, and because of the cue of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission temporarily banned Facebook after claiming cue the images in question “hurt the religious sentiments of the majority Muslim population”.


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