A man of 72 years disappeared in 2006 along with his car; the same car was found earlier this month in a pond in Michigan, USA. Employees of a funeral next to the pond were decorating the pine property with Christmas ornaments and, from above, noticed the car’s presence on the water. However, the vehicle could already be seen on Google Maps satellite images for years.

The map service did not help find the missing, but soon after the fact to enter the local news, several people could identify the car by satellite images.

Car Missing Mystery Solved By Google Map

The man who was reportedly in doubt about it was a real car or something else, so he went to the pond and could not clarify the situation. Later he told the local TV channel WOOD-TV, and Cops and investigators started the search operation, the missing report was filed nine years ago, and now it has been uncovered but not by local police but yes by Google Maps.

As you can Zoom into the view, you can barely see the car in the pond, but after cropping the image to the center, it shows the real car. The victim’s body has been recovered but relies upon the autopsy.

The man in the report of the missing file Niles, the body have been recovered, but the DNA samples and real identity are still large. Police were waiting for the dental report, but suspense also said that from the half mile from the pond – Nile at last seen in the CCTV camera.

The old disappeared after meeting a friend at a bar in the area. Her car was found less than 1 km from where he was last seen. It is not known exactly how the car got into the pond, but it is possible that he inadvertently accelerated from the funeral home parking lot.

The family had already made a sort of wake for the disappeared, but now that his remains were found, a fact of burial will be done.

Official tests on the dental arch of the elderly are still being made to prove their identity, but as the car was registered in his name and his wallet was found together, there is little doubt that the body is the man in question.


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