Anti-terrorist hackers have directed ISIS members and supporters to their own websites as ISIS which have been now hacked under GSG hackers and website selling antidepressants, the website hacked by Ghost Security Group and replaced with Advertising website showing ‘KEEP CALM’ with an advert of antidepressants medicines.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he ISIS website with deep web security seems to be unable to hack, but soon Ghost Security Group as an Anonymous made it clear after hacking into the dark web, Ghost Security is also an Anti-Terrorist group just like Anonymous, earlier GSG have claimed that Anonymous is just hacking to the communication service of ISIS which will not work — the only thing will work is to keep spying on ISIS rather than hacking, spying will help to prevent any other further attacks in near future.

Ghost Security Group have also hacked ISIS website Isdarat which having a presence in Tor anonymity network previous week as the report from IBTimes, The messages of ISIS hacked website posted on Tor anonymity website as: “Too Much ISIS. Enhance your calm. Too many people involved into the ISIS-stuff. Requesting you to gawk at the lovely ad so that we can develop our infrastructure to provide you ISIS content you all are extremely awaited of desire”.

See How GSG Hackers Replaced ISIS Site With an Advertising Site

See How GSG Hackers Replaced ISIS Site With an Advertising Site
See How GSG Hackers Replaced ISIS Site With an Advertising Site

The advert is for a website that portrays itself as “the most obvious bitcoin online drug store”, which offers pharmaceutical running from Viagra to Prozac. The advert and message have taken the spot of the first site under one week after it was made. Counter-terrorism experts have estimated that is swinging to the dull web to defend its publicity content from hacktivists.

Isdarat is the most recent of many sites to be brought around Anonymous and its associates, however, it is the first occasion when that a web page on the dull web has been hit. The site was just open utilizing the Tor program, a kind of expert programming that uses a framework known as onion steering to mask a client’s area.

See How GSG Hackers Replaced ISIS Site With an Advertising Site
See How GSG Hackers Replaced ISIS Site With an Advertising Site

As per security expert Scot Terban from Tor: said, “The developer of ISIS site is a total idiot, they made openly stupid things the mistake is they left that setting open for attacks.”

In a late blog post, Terban composed: “The framework behind this information bolster defenseless may be to a few assaults – this information persuades that the end client can be found effectively enough by powers, however, I likewise believe that without that, I can at present track down who set this up without attacking an onion webpage.”

UK security Minister John Hayes said: “We are very grateful of having such people around us – who have helped and engaged themselves to fight against terror, maybe they were not in military or naval force but still they have done work like that” he said during the home affairs meeting on November 24 after one of the hacktivists hacked into the ISIS official web pages.

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Endeavors by the hacktivist aggregate Anonymous as a component of its Op Paris (#OpParis) battle have likewise been broadly condemned for their aimless takedowns of destinations and online networking records that could give important counter-terrorism insight.


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