Chinese handset maker Lenovo who owns Motorola brand on October 30 last year – now wanted to increase its production line in India, currently India smartphone maker in Chennai Foxconn manufacturing it in 6 million units but from starting 2016 it will raise to 10 million productions from Flextronics facility also.

Lenovo owned brand Motorola need more kick start from the dispute from Google and its real owner in 2011-13, Lenovo aims to become the second prominent handset maker worldwide, India is the second choice after the USA.

Lenovo plans to develop its own manufacturing unit in India, right now Foxconn facility handlining Lenovo and Motorola smartphone, to increase its base, Lenovo need to develop more facility in near place. Lenovo also plans to export smartphone from India to another land such as Brazil, China, Indonesia, South Africa and the USA. Lenovo told TOI about next few models will be manufactured by locally and soon after that Lenovo will bring the popular phone customization programme Moto Market in India but after the launch it will launch in Brazil and the US.

Lenovo Aims to Double India Smartphone Production to 10 million units

Chen Xudong the president of a mobile business group of Lenovo and the chairman of Motorola Mobility’s Operating Board Management told TOI, “Till the next year we have dramatically increased our smartphone production which will be 10 million but currently in 2015 we have 6 million per month of production”. Also said the upcoming phone customization programme in India will dramatically will so smooth and will result quicker merits in the list of development.

Specially Moto Maker as phone customization programme in which users will allow to customize their smartphone with their compatible way, users can customize the RAM, Screen size as well as the back panel of the smartphone in near future, Lenovo officials are excited to launch this programme in the USA at first and then in Brazil and then in India in July to September quarter.

Lenovo soon after the programme launch in India they will launch global products, this global product will be every past of the world emerging developing countries, this launch will be moniker as ‘never before move’, the launch will also include Indian developers and the art of creative people. After Lenovo owns Motorola, the company with closely worked with the selective places for the manufacturing units and the first smartphone assembly setup in Chennai from contractual basis with Flextronics.

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