Internet Provider Secretly Keeping Your Browsing History
Internet Provider Secretly Keeping Your Browsing History

We all have known to the setbacks faced by TalkTalk facility. The company suffered huge losses after the information leaked and stolen by the unknown hackers but still as per the recent updated record it said, Five of the suspects have been arrested but all of them are bailed or released by Metropolitan Police department of the UK.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]efore the flash of TalkTalk, the UK government and the US government has made a new programme and plan for the Internet service provider to store all the users browsing history for up to one year, the government asked to store the list of users identity and the sites and services they are visiting must be recorded by Internet Service Provider itself.

In the history of the UK, TalkTalk is better optimised the huge data breach. Government have applied the plan of storing browsing history of every user and just after one week TalkTalk hacked.. so here is the point, if Internet Service provider started storing users internet browsing history then it will be quite easy to find out the connection point related to TalkTalk, but, unfortunately, the Internet Service Provider has till the hacking day has not set up their system recording programme.

Internet Provider Secretly Keeping Your Browsing History

The investigator have not yet found the main culprit behind TalkTalk hack but soon after the Major Breach into the iNternet Service Provider the overall media just investigating about how does this happen, none of them have not disclosed that the hacked made soon after the announcement by the government to Internet Service Provider to record users browsing history.

it isn’t clear whether this has any connection with an announcement but perhaps the government in a conference meeting asked ISP to follow the as repeated previous, the recording history will act as a war against all Internet users, the Internet users will act against the government plan and maybe it goes wrong situation to handle.

The government in the US and the Uk both have asked their respective Internet service provider to do the following. and this has almost started by some of the ISP, recordings of every site, the application or any internet related services. The recording related to the report of making actual propaganda regarding the users interest as well as the daily visit sites, the government wanted to know whether users visiting porn sites, financial site or any restricted sites basically sensitive sites are targeted more by the ISP.

For now TalkTalk company suffering from huge hacking attack need some evidence and for that government started analysing the contacts of each and every user, it also knows the attack was ‘significant’ which lead millions of customers personal data breach in the unknown peoples hand. Later on the company executives have admitted company might not have taken full precaution for the uncertain security breach and all the responsibility have ben ambushed by TalkTalk department.

This will not so important whether following government rules will lead to the hackers but still to prevent this types of attacks or at the time of evidence and investigations, the ISP are helpful for the browsing history record they kept.. It will be perfect if they also kept their data secretly otherwise it will not take much time for another breach and that will take place with Internet Service Provider system itself.