1000 Indian Hackers Joined Anonymous to Fight Against ISIS
1000 Indian Hackers Joined Anonymous to Fight Against ISIS

Thousands of underground Indian hackers supporting hacktivist group Anonymous in cyberwar against ISIS leaders and followers, Indian hackers targeting ISIS leaders to carry out cyberwar against them.Indian hackers scent Jihadi Twitter accounts and websites.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Indian underground hacking group now came light to join hands with Anonymous to fight aginst terror group ISIS for the following Paris attacks, Indian hackers already hacked several websites of ISIS, hacked twitter accounts and all this is going on under the one name as ‘Anonymous’. Now after the comment from Ghost Security Group (GSG) that Anonymous are going the wrong path instead of hacking ISIS they should follow and spy ISIS to eliminate and prevent any further attacks.

Ghost Security Group suggests all the hackers through the news media the guardian that, “Hackers all over the world should not eliminate or hack any connections of ISIS, hackers should have to just spy IS to prevent any future attacks, counter to the cyberwar makes no sense, it need to just prevent any further attacks after Paris.

1000 Indian Hackers Joined Anonymous to Fight Against ISIS

One of the Indian hacker group not mention to moniker but said earlier that they have defaced thousands of Pakistani websites and now another underground hacking group from India have joined other Indian hackers to deface overall ISIS context from Iran and Syria. The Indian hacking Group claimed that they already have hacked and deleted thousands of ISIS-linked sites and databases from ISIS server, mainly Indian hackers and Anonymous hackers finding vulnerability into Telegram messenger app because ISIS members are using Telegram to hire and recruit other to involve in ISIS.

The CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov have clearly said that he is no ashamed of allowing his application in using of terror, he knows very well that ISIS members are using Telegram to hire and discuss plans of future attacks but then also Telegram CEO Pavel Durov allowing them to use the application.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, said, “We are more concern about the security of our users, we cannot go any further to make our users” also said “if ISIS using their app then it is not a problem for them, its a matter only for security purpose that how far security can we purposely provide to our users” – “I think that privacy, ultimately, and our right for privacy is more important than our fear of bad things happening, like terrorism,”

One of the hacking group from India who have joined Anonymous moniker Anonymity, said – “Soon after Anonymous declare cyberwar against ISIS after the name of #OpParis – we have also joined Anonymous and also using their name in the workplace, we all have already revealed thousands of valuable secrets from ISIS and handed over to Anonymous, regularly we are spying and snooping into ISIS servers to find something more important, and our vying with this types of terror groups are always till the end.” told to mail today via long distance communication.


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