Indian Hacked Smartphone to Steal over Rs Two Lakh From Bank Account
Indian Hacked Smartphone to Steal over Rs Two Lakh From Bank Account

India becoming day by day the nest of hackers, soon after the Surat based Mehul – who faced the situation that incurred a loss of Rs. 80,000 – the unidentified hacker who takes control over the smartphone and then controls the bank transactions, investigator have verified that the hacker account was spurious.

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ow this same type of work taken place in Indore resident Ashish Kumar’s life. He was appalled when he found over Rs. 200,000 was heist from his bank account after hacker hacked into the smartphone and made bank transaction with OTPs while after asleep, all this happened between midnight to 5 AM.

Investigation uncover that hacker have used phishing method in which he send an email which looks like send by the Bank and he demanded some sort of bank details from the victim and the victim provided that details to phishing mail – after getting bank details hacker took control victims smartphone by sending backdoor malware via SMS and from the night he manages to make device silent so that the SMS not alert the victim about the activity.

Indian Hacked Smartphone to Steal over Rs Two Lakh From Bank Account

All this activity is not being done within a day. The hacker has to send a bogus email by the moniker of a bank so that it look-a-like the genuine account and the email asked for bank details which victim provided by himself. The email asked Kumar about his banking details such as card details to fortify bank account but not asked about PIN, so that it makes the victim feel genuine.

Bankers precisely will never send email which will require as confidential banking details, banker will never compromise security thing with any mail service may be you are using Gmail, Ymail or AOL, either they will call the account holder personally or they will post mail to the holder to come bank and provide the required details, but some people are not so aware regarding the truth, nowadays Phishing method is more favourable method for hackers to gain anything under control, with this method hacker can control a smartphone, the email account, other accounts related to email, the bank details also.

Cyber Security expert Rakshit Tandon said. “We gather some of the valuable information, attacker following the victim for a long time, every day tracking to the same victim, the hacker anyhow got his email address and after receiving an email address, the hacker got his personal bank details via Phishing email attack. Now attacker received his bank details after that the fork send him an SMS which lead to open the backdoor malware breach into the vulnerability. Soon after malware got downloaded the hacker got full control over the smartphone and after the victim sleep he gently makes the smartphone silent and made a transaction (unnoticed)”. he said

Investigator said. “The hacker waited for the victim to sleep, so that he can start his transaction which is more than Rs. 200,000, he almost did 44 transactions by generating One Time Password (OTPs) ever time and he forwarded the each OTPs to the anonymous untraceable number and all this done under one room in a silent phone. The transaction continued till 5 Am from midnight.”

The local cops and the investigators trying to locate the bank account where he transferred the amount but cops got to know about the bank account opened on fake documents. Officials said “Maybe a group is behind all this activity, day by day this types of cases are becoming more Gruesome, hacking the smartphone and controlling it makes no sense, must have to locate the group or a single hacker”


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