Not Even Toy Company VTech is Secure From Being Hacked
Not Even Toy Company VTech is Secure From Being Hacked

InShortViral   A Chinese multinational company VTech on Friday faced security breached into its Learning Lodge Online App Store and the server which leads the leak of 5 million parents information and another 200,000 kids identity were exposed by the hackers. What was the hacker’s intentions regarding hacking a toy company?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he VTech company’s customer database under security breach and hacker stolen million of customers identity, perhaps the story seems quite different as it was showing! the hackers claim responsibility of the hack and he told that he will only tell to Motherboard about the hack, also said that he has not further intentions with the data he has.

On Friday VTech databased hacked but they got yo know on 14th of November (Motherboard told Vtech about the hack) there was a security breach “Unauthorized Party” accessed parents and kids information from VTech internal database, which is basically located in Learning Lodge App Store, app store basically lets parents download apps, games, e-books, toys and educational products for their kids and the app intends for VTech company only.

Not Even Toy Company VTech is Secure From Being Hacked

The VTech company said, “Eventually the database contains customer data such as names, login email address and passwords, customer’s IP address, mailing address and the download and purchase history but it did not include any personal bank account details either debit or credit card details.”

As per the report from Motherboard: Hacker first went to Motherboard to disclose the matter and the hacker also said he will disclose the matter only with motherboard (huh.. is it?). The information leaked nearly 5 million parents identity and 200,000 kids first names, gender, and birthdate, as per Motherboard report from the hacker. Vtech being asked more information regarding the hack but refuse to respond any further.

Hackers claim himself that he hacked all this stuffs, also declared to Motherboard that he has no any other intention or any motive to do with the vast information he currently has. It is sure that this types of attacks obviously sold out the information to black market or to any online forums. Having a vast email address is a way of another criminal offense that is, hackers can steal data with the process of phishing attacks which is designed to target email owners to provoke the clicking malware links which gives full control over Gmail account.

Hack revealed 4,833,678 unique email addresses with their respective passwords.

Still the hacker is not be identified but contacted with Motherboard team and hacker said the he has nothing to do with these data. Vtech statement said, “this hack warn us about any future attacks we should have to take precaution, securing our database and overall computer system to prevent future hacks”. Motherboard said this data includes 16 countries including the US, China, UK, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands, Latin America, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.


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