BlackBerry Finally Left Pakistan Over Government Security
BlackBerry Finally Left Pakistan Over Government Security

InShortViral: The BlackBerry International company have finally packed up for the move from Pakistan after December 2015 because of Pakistan ISI privacy concern.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he BlackBerry International company have finally packed up for the move from Pakistan after December 2015 because of Pakistan ISI privacy concern. The Pakistani Government have strictly asked all the internet service providers and the Mobile companies to shut surveillance over privacy concern in data transfer.

Mainly BlackBerry has to move from the country because Pakistan Government wanted to access all the features of BlackBerry such as Enterprise Service Traffic, BES emails and BBM, through which government can get access to every citizen’s identity and information and that we cannot compromise – other Smartphone companies are already sharing all the necessary services the government in needed of regarding Pakistan Citizen Surveillance.

BlackBerry Finally Left Pakistan Over Government Security

BlackBerry Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard published an article on his official blog regarding the quite over Pakistani to deliver any further support to its users. BlackBerry CEO wanted to explain about how much their users are more important to keep secure before any vulnerability or information breach. Such situation is also going on in the neighboring country India.

Marty Beard said: “We have our own privacy system that not to provide any customers information even basic information, we do not support ‘back doors’ providing accessibility to our customers information, till now we have not provided our customers information which is our merit points and need to be followed the same, nowhere in the world have forced us to share customers identity”

Also said: “Indian government is also forcing us to share users information with government, currently government wanted to supply information to its law enforcement”

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority have strictly disallowed BlackBerry’s BES servers for not allowing to surveillance by Pakistani officials and for that in July onwards Pakistan have issued a legal notice to backpack BlackBerry’s BES server but soon after some days Pakistan again issued another extended notice to BlackBerry till November 30th and now again issued for December 31st. Basically this clearly means how Pakistan wanted Blackberry to find out another solution regarding spying over its citizen but not let BlackBerry sweep off from country!

BlackBerry had already received a notice limit for November 30th, but now the limit period has changed to December 31st, some of the basic twist in the story is that BlackBerry already told to the PTA about leaving on November 30th of November, but now it received another letter from government to stay till December 31st so that within time they can find out the solution.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has claimed regarding the staying of Blackberry and may the date postponed to another till the solution didn’t come. All this leads that Pakistan have many BlackBerry customers and Pakistan does not want to hurt Pakistani people from getting change their smartphone’s network.

Beard also written: “Pakistan Government had only listed out our BES servers which we cannot compromise with our customers with Pakistan directive demand, and if really Pakistan government needs to fulfill their demand to surveillance over our customers then we will not continue our service and soon need to exit from entire market altogether from Pakistan”


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