The 5 Most Controversial Issues In Facebook In 2015
The 5 Most Controversial Issues In Facebook In 2015

InShortViral: Today I am going you to show the most controversial issues in Facebook 2015, So of them are heartbreaking and some of them are beautiful.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all know that facebook is always a nice platform to share our feeling and to be in touch with many, Apart from these it is also a space to discuss current time and issues. So today I am going you to share the most viral culminations of Facebook in the year 2015. The reason why I am sharing this article today is because as we all know it’s December so 2015 is somehow converged and we are inclined to get into a new year.

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The 5 Most Controversial Issues In Facebook In 2015

So without wasting any time, I am redirecting you to the top 10 viral news which increased over a facebook in a dispatch of electricity So Some of these are heartbreaking too. So let’s proceed.

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#1 Protest in Baltimore

The 5 Most Controversial Issues In Facebook In 2015
The 5 Most Controversial Issues In Facebook In 2015

the demise of 25-year-old African American Freddie Gray in the month of April, due to the injuries he got while in police guardianship brought about two weeks of dissents in downtown Baltimore.

The occurrence restored the level headed discussion on controlling and turned into a focal topic for development Black Lives Matter (the lives of dark matter).

#2 The Permission of Gay Marriage

gay marriage
The 5 Most Controversial Issues In Facebook In 2015

Ireland turned into the first nation of the planet to legalize it with their choice. Same-sex marriage had much to celebrate in 2015 because the US supreme Court approved the Gay marriage in Ireland and also at the local level like Japan and Mexico.

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More than 26 million individuals in Facebook changed their profile pictures to rainbow color utilizing a channel to demonstrate their backing for the LGBT group.

#3 Nepal Earthquake

The 5 Most Controversial Issues In Facebook In 2015

The Earthquake of 7.5 magnitude crushed Nepal, murdering more than 8,800 individuals squandering very nearly a meter high to the Himalayas, followed by many aftershocks and the second earthquake occurred just after 17 days.

Facebook helped them a ton to take after separation occasions and permitted them to get a few news on the circumstance of the companion or going by friends and family at home. more than US $ 15.5 million were given by facebook users to support the work of the NGO International Medical organization.

#4 The Debate over the Confederate flag and the shooting in Charleston

The 5 Most Controversial Issues In Facebook In 2015

The gunmen attack against the historic African Methodist Episcopal church had killed nine people during firing in the month of June 17, 2015. Dylann Roof, however, managed to clearly rouse the beliefs about white supremacy.

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The presence of pictures of him posturing with the Confederate flag started a level headed discussion about the utilization of it openly foundations and prompted his evacuation, alongside different symbols of the alliance, South Carolina and somewhere else in the nation.

#5 Fight against the Islamic state(EI)

It was the fight against the powerful group which is calling themselves the Islamic state. Through Facebook, individuals around the globe criticize the activities of the gathering, shared the most recent news and examination in the attempt to understand this curiosity. Again the attack that took on Paris again the group called themselves the Islamic state which had killed at least 128 people during the firing

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Really facebook had managed to store all the memories in one place. Though the memories can be bad and good but one thing is for sure facebook is becoming one of the major source to get help from.