Did you know that the versions of Windows without technical support or about to lose it are the absolute majority in our society?

It sounds really odd, right, as it should be. So, just think about how much risk we are taking.

6 Out Of 10 PCs In The World Run Outdated Versions Of Windows

At present, 91.59% of the computers that exist in the world run under the Windows operating system. An overwhelming domain hides an alarming truth: 64.79% of those computers work with an outdated version of Windows.

Not surprisingly, Windows 7 remains the most democratized operating system globally, with a deployment rate of 48.5%.

Recall that, since January 2015, there is no longer any security support for this edition. However, the tech giant Microsoft itself had to repress the enormous success of this OS and offer some companies an extension of this protection until 2020.

In the case of The OS that happened to this, Windows 8 (1.59%) and Windows 8.1 (6.96%), there is still massive technical support, but this will end as early as January next year.

Going further back in time, we came to Windows Vista, discontinued in 2012 and whose extended support also culminated in April. The good part is that this version, considered by many as the worst system born in Redmond, barely has a penetration of 0.70%.

On the contrary, despite having a longer-than-usual trajectory, Windows XP continues to run on seven out of every 100 computers in the world, even in the face of its total lack of security in the face of new cyber threats. At the same time, it was born Windows 2000, which contributes another 0.01% to the total percentage of obsolete computers at all risk.

To put it in comparison, the number of computers with Windows without any security protection far exceeds the volume of computers running with every one of the distributions of Linux (2.09%) and, also, all released versions of Mac OS X (10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.5), which barely represents 6.23% of all PCs in the world.

All of the above data have been extracted by this means as of today, from the header tool for measuring the market share of OS, Netmarketshare, which can also perform penetration analysis of Internet browsers or online search engines.

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Tushar Subhra Dutta
Tushar Subhra Dutta is a content writer at Tech Viral. As, he writes about Technology, Science, Gadgets, Hacking & Security, Social Media and much more.


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