Now you can Add Filters to Individual Video Clips or Your Whole Entire Movie Clip using the simple tool that will help you to make amazing videos. So have a look at the complete guide below.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nstagram’s built-in video editing is greatly known for its ability to apply the filters and the effects to the clips such as to make the looks more incredible. Like Instagram, there would be certainly many other such video clip editors available on the internet that would be more efficient than all of the rest. Keeping with the trend the iMovie has also got the feature that lets the users to filters to the movie clips or the projects being created. The better part of this video editor is that the effects could be applied either to the individual sections of the clip being made or to the whole project itself. By the sections we mean to say about the photos or the video clips that you add to the timeline, these all could be availed with all different effects and filters. For the users new to this iMovie editing function we have created this post where we have written about the method of adding the effects and the filters to the individual video clips or rather to the whole entire movie clip. If you have reached to this post for knowing about exactly the same tutorial then please keep on reading this article as you would get the best possible knowledge down here about it.

How to Add Filters to Individual Video Clips or Entire Movie Clip in iPhone

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Add Filters to Individual Video Clips or Entire Movie Clip in iPhone:

#1 First of all, open up the iMovie app on your device and create up your project. Make it sure that you are not on the trailer projects as the effects won’t take place on the trailer projects and hence the method would not work. Now once you are inside the project screen where all your movie clips and the total project is set up, just tap on the cog icon placed there.

#2 On clicking the cog icon you would reach to the Project Settings page from where any kind of available settings for the projects could be made easily. As we are to choose for the project filters so look for the Project Filters section on the page. From there you would be able to check for the filter to be applied to your projects, so just go and choose up the one you like the most. The thing here is that the filter you choose would be applied to the whole project rather than the single clips or the sections of the project.

Add Filters to Individual Video Clips or Your Whole Entire Movie Clip
Add Filters to Individual Video Clips or Your Whole Entire Movie Clip

#3 To apply the filters for the parts of the timeline or the media you are adding in the timeline, just select the part of the clip to which you wish to apply the effect and then click on the Three Circles menu aside to timeline on the screen. These three overlapping circles would open up the list of filters that would include every available different kind of effects for the project, choose the one you wish to apply to the selected part and see it’s live preview, and after all that finalize the selection.

#4 That’s all about applying the filters to the individual video clips or the whole project inside the iMovie app on the iPhone. There are indeed tons of other options available too from which you could be able to apply the other sorts of edits and amendments such as to make your video look gorgeous.

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At the end of this post, you know that what you have got to know about the easy way to utilize the iMovie to essentially edit up the videos or the projects containing the timeline of images and the small video clips. You learned the way to apply the all different effects or the filters to the whole video clips and applying the differential filters over the individual clips of the timeline inside the iMovie. We hope that you would have got about the whole process as this is written in extremely simple and easy way. If you liked the information in this post then please take out some more time to share it so that most of the people could be able to get onto this post and hence grasp the knowledge out of it. Do share your comments regarding this post through the comments section below!


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