Adult Website PornHub To Provide ‘realistic’ videos with VR for Free
Adult Website PornHub To Provide ‘realistic’ videos with VR for Free

Virtual Reality seems to be an interesting invention. Samsung also provided VR Headset with its flaghsip phones S7 and S7 Edge, now the popular adult entertainment website is offering a VR Headset.

Adult Website PornHub To Provide ‘realistic’ videos with VR for Free

The popular adult website PornHub has partnered with VR Porn Store “Badoink” in order to provide more realistic videos. According to reports, acquisition of VR by adult websites can give the technology a power which it needs to attain popular appeal.

We have seen Samsung, HTC, Sony, Oculus (Facebook) and other tech giants are busy in making VR Headsets, however the consumers are puzzled to decide whether to buy one or not. It seems that adoption of VR by Adult Websites may be a real game changer.

You might have puzzled about the question? “Why adult websites adopted VR”, the answer is quite simple, in order to make videos more realistic, the adult websites headed to VR. On the other hand, it may be the another reason to buy VR Headset.

VR might let you feel that you are physically present there. The VR went live on PornHub this week. In order to woo the users, PornHub is offering 10,000 free Google Cardboard like devices if the user Sign Ups with them.

The new VR works well with browser of Android or iOS device. The adult website has dedicated a new page for VR content. However, users are not supposed to get VR headset to experience it. It is actually a blurry 360 degree video and not full fledged 3D VR Video.

Earlier, this month Samsung offered free VR Headset worth $150 with its flagship phones Glaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Now the Porn Industry is looking forward to adopt it for their content.


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