Android Hacking and Penetration Testing
Android Hacking and Penetration Testing

Gone are the days, when hackers had to use computers to perform various tests. However today, with the advancement in Technology, Android operating system has also occupied space in the hacking world. As per recent stats of Google, Android has over 2 billion active users which makes it most popular mobile operating system.

Mobile devices are now more powerful and can be used to perform various tasks including hacking and testing the security of computers and networks.

Android Hacking and Penetration Testing

Our Deals platform has got a new course “Learn Hacking/Penetration Testing Using Android From Scratch“. This course will help you to perform penetration testing and how you can use your Android device for hacking. Yeah, it is true, and you can do hacking straightaway from your Android device.

With this video training course, you will get 47 lectures based on the penetration testing and do testing using the Android device. In contrary, this video course will enable you to make your Android into a hacking tool. You will also learn practically to execute such attacks. Besides that, it will help you to protect yourself from such attacks.

Now you may be wondering whether this course is for beginners or not. Yeah, it is beginner friendly as it will tell you the basics of pentesting. Also, it will give you advanced information like “Exploitation”, “Spying” and “Gathering”. This course will also tell you how you can acquire the control of another Android device.

The notable thing about this course is that you’ll be able to carry out the attack and also you can prevent this attack if someone executes this on you.

In brief, if you do the entire course, you’ll be able to learn which hacking apps are necessary for penetration testing, ways to crack WiFi passwords, carry spy attacks on internet connections, explore the vulnerabilities in the connected devices. You’ll also learn how to acquire control of Windows, OS X or Linux devices.

The cost of this course is $90 but you can get it from Tech Viral deals store for $23 only. That’s a whopping 74% discount. To recall, it has a lifetime subscription which means you can access this course for a lifetime.

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256 Students have already enrolled for this course, so why are you waiting, go and grab this course.


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