Anonymous Vs ISIS What We Still Do Not Know
Anonymous Vs ISIS What We Still Do Not Know

InShortViral: In the battle against the virtual caliphate, the hacktivist can pull off one more weapon irony.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he web is a real minefield, well aware of the cyber-activists of Anonymous, who every day, in the depths of the network, fighting the terrorists and Isis obscuring burst their social profiles. “In the battle against the virtual caliphate, the hacktivist can pull off one more weapon irony”

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But the mission of the virtual community most feared by jihadists is not yet clear to most sailors. Matthew Flora, security expert and founder of The Fool, a France (Paris) based company specializing in the protection of digital reputation, the secrets of online war between Anonymous and the caliphate are straight below.

Anonymous Vs ISIS What We Still Don’t Know 

Who does not chew computer everyday wonders why the militants Isis prefer to use Twitter than Facebook to spread terror on the web, all this question always arise.

No doubt that Twitter is by far the social platform of choice for terrorists, but this phenomenon must be contextualized to avoid sensationalism which sees a mental image of many a platform like Twitter swarming supporters.

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A recent study by The Brookings Project on US Relations with the Islamic World, titled The Isis Twitter Census , shows less than 50,000 accounts present on the platforms, with fewer than 1,000 very active. A number certainly high, but close to a number of users who comment on a television program in prime time and very likely also “multiplied” massive use of automated tweets.

Why Twitter? Mainly for three reasons:

First, the lack of obligation for users to register with a policy of ‘real name’ like Facebook, which for the supply of correct information on their person, worth canceling your account.

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Secondly, because of Twitter is much easier to automate management processes ‘centralized’ of tens if not hundreds or thousands of profiles simultaneously.

Third but certainly not the least important factor is the fact that all content published on Twitter automatically become visible to anyone who carries a simple search by providing a system of diffusion and dissemination of information more efficient, not linked to the obligation to register in a platform and indexable and easily manageable.

Despite the stated aim of countering the rise of al-Baghdadi, Anonymous is not frowned upon by governments. There is the risk that, once the mission anti-Isis, activists instrumentalise the brand to carry out their covert operations, often at the limit of legality?

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Anonymous is a collective identity and decentralized, consisting of a large number of activists very different from each other only occasionally and mainly related to the brand limited to certain missions.

As the powers and resources that will be used during these days can be used in future depends not so much by Anonymous itself, but by the individuals that make it up. It is certain that some of the operations are likely to get really serious damage also to the operations of foreign intelligence: do not forget that fact behind some profiles on social Daesh or ISIS hides surely the intelligence and that many of the active profiles are probably tolerated only to the information that they offer once again to the operational anti-terrorism throughout the world.

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Close or terminate these accounts means impacting in a very heavy network of contacts that intelligence may have built on social and especially losing media outlets extremely interesting, perhaps fundamental, for the process control and analysis. It is, certainly, an open question, and not easy to solve.