According to the several Israeli newspapers, the tech giant Apple has reached an agreement with an Israeli startup dedicated to cybersecurity and machine learning, which specializes in facial recognition technology.

Apple Buys An AI-Based Face Recognition Startup Company

Among the many rumors that have gone ahead for the new iPhone, facial recognition has been gaining a great weight and is touted as almost certain. Apple likes to invest in new technologies, and this would be perfect for this new device.

Not having the technology in place to implement it, Apple may have taken the right step by purchasing an Israeli company dedicated to creating solutions for this function, RealFace.

There is still no confirmation of this deal, but several Israeli newspapers are moving forward with the information as being right. Apple has reached an agreement with RealFace for its purchase, in a deal that will involve several million dollars.

RealFace is an Israeli startup dedicated to cyber security and machine learning, which specializes in facial recognition technology. Its experience is already very high, being pointed out as one of the companies with better solutions for the authentication of the users using facial recognition.

Appleā€™s interest in RealFace should be focused on the technology that has already developed and not on the team that RealFace has, and this acquisition is likely destined first to the iPhone and later to the rest of its line of equipment, as happened, for example, with the virtual assistant Siri.

RealFace has developed an iPhone application, Pickeez, which uses facial recognition technologies to automatically choose the best photos that users have published on different social networks.

If this purchase is confirmed, the time it is being done ends up throwing the idea that the new iPhone will already have facial recognition. The time available to embed it in iOS and iPhone would turn out to be too short. It is most likely to take at least another year to complete, so it is expected for the 2019 model.

It is now time to wait for Apple and RealFace to confirm the purchase, making it another company to develop technology for the American giant, giving the iPhone a functionality that many expect and that has already proven its usefulness.


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