Apple on friday revealed the statistics about security in iPhone. The cupertino giant said that the average Apple users unlock their iPhone 80 times in a day. Analyst Ben Bajarin revealed this statistics as he had attended a security “deep dive” at the Apple’s headquarters recently.

Apple Claims That Average iPhone is Unlocked 80 Times in a Day

The average iPhone users unlocks his/her iPhone 80 times in a day, 89% of iPhone users are unlocking their iPhone via Touch ID in order to save their time.

iPhone users check their devices between 6/7 times an hour in a 12 hour of daily usage. However, this number is just an average, as Apple said that some users unlock their iPhones 130 times in a day. The majority of iPhone users prefer to unlock their iPhone via Touch ID to save time, Touch ID is now standard in iPhones, this feature first came with iPhone 5s and then to later iPhones.

Apple has revealed the statistics in order to give spotlight to the Touch ID, when the user secures his device with passcode, he/she needs to frequently enter the passcode if he/she receives message. With Touch ID, user taps once on home button to unlock the iPhone.

“Apple is attempting something that seems unprecedented at an industry level. To bring industry leading security but do so by actually enhancing the user experience” writes Ben Bajarin.

“Prior to Touch ID for example, many organizations required eight, and sometimes longer, PIN numbers. Imagine entering that many numbers every time you pick up your smartphone. To emphasize this point, Apple shared a great statistic: their average users unlocks their phones 80 times a day”.

Touch ID was first introduced by Apple in 2013 with iPhone 5s and now comes with all iOS devices. With Touch ID, iPhone user can also make purchases via Apple Pay, which ultimately saves the time of the user and makes the transaction hassle free.


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