Chuq Von Rospach, a former Apple employee, and independent blogger has given his personal point of view on his personal blog about the strategy taken by the Cupertino-based company with respect to the Touch Bar and the new high-end laptops of the brand.

Apple Forces Users To Live With A Useless Feature

According to Chuq, the Touch Bar should be something additional that can be incorporated or not to the MacBooks, but not an imposed technology that, under the writer’s point of view, is an extra cost that users pay for a timely advance with no future.

“The current line of Macs forces users to pay for the touchscreen on high-end devices, regardless of whether they want it or not, and that’s a cost user should not have to pay. I consider Apple’s latest invention as a technology whose niche has no future whatsoever. So Apple needs to take a turn to its policy regarding the touch bar across the Mac and Mac products and convince us that we want it or offer other portable options without it. “

What the former employee of the tech giant Apple wants?

It is very clear that what the former employee of the tech giant Apple wants? Basically, what the former employee Rospach wants to convey the tech giant Apple that it should sell a 15-inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar.

Regarding the fingerprint sensor, which is also included in the Touch Bar, Apple’s former employee stated the following statement:-

“With the Touch ID, which I love, I have mixed thoughts. As much as I like the comfort and simplicity of the Touch ID sensor, it is not enough for me if I need to have the Touch Bar. Although it saves me a lot of time when typing my passwords, especially using the great 1Password application, it is a sufficient change to accept the Touch Bar. In addition, my Apple Watch unlocks my Mac, so I do not need the fingerprint sensor for it. Intuitive for Apple Pay, Watch makes this process a lot easier.”

Moreover, Rospach suggests that the tech giant Apple should expand both the Touch Bar and the Touch ID to the full range of Apple products, including a keyboard independent of the computer, making it an optional product that consumers can choose to buy or not.

So, what do you think about this opinion of former Apple employee? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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