Apple is planning to buy 100M units of AMOLED Panels from Samsung. It is believed that OLED Panels from Samsung will be present in the Apple’s device coming in 2017 which means that it will be present in the iPhone 7s.

Apple To Get 100 Million AMOLED Displays From Samsung : Report

Apple has reportedly placed order for 100 million 5.5 inch AMOLED panels from Samsung for the iPhone 7s which is expected to be launched in 2017, according to the report from The Wall Street Journal China. The report also states that the deal is estimated at about $2.6 Billion and Samsung is gearing up to expand its A3 factory line in order to meet the demands of the Apple Inc.

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Samsung’s high end smartphones sport AMOLED Panels from its parent firm called Samsung Display. Until 2009, Apple used Liquid Crystal Display [LCD] from Samsung but the deal was terminated following the patent dispute between the duo.

Last year, both LG and Samsung were said to provide Apple with OLED display, however it took a uturn as from the report it seems that Samsung will be solely providing all orders. For reference, Apple purchases most of its parts like displays, camera modules, chips for its various products from South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and assembles them in China.

However, Samsung refused to comment on the matter.

Source: WSJ China


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