The title itself seems quite an odd right, as it should be. We all know very well that finally, the tech giant Apple launched its most awaited and anticipated smartphone iPhone X, along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However, Apple’s iPhone X can now make ‘Sh*t Literally Talk’.

Now Apple’s iPhone X Can Make ‘Sh*t Literally Talk’

It’s not its OLED display, its borderless design, I am simply talking about its new Aion Bionic processor, its dual camera or the ability to be able to fully charge it wirelessly with all its devices.

The great news of the iPhone X and the reason I’m starting to collect the coins to be able to buy the latest phone from Apple has a single name: Animojis. The Animojis are as their name advances, animated emojis, which work in tandem with the new face recognition system of the phone, called Face ID.

What allows to create the wonder of the Animoji is an infrared projector that comes in front of the camera and that allows to deploy more than 30 thousand invisible points on the face of the person. This allows the smartphone to have a 3D modeling of the user’s face, which can be used for things as boring as being able to identify in front of the smartphone, or much more interesting things like being able to become a talkative emoji.

From the above image, you can see that the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X can now make “Sh*t Literally Talk”, yes, though its sounds and seems odd but it is true, as you can see that with the help of new feature known as Animojis, the tech giant Apple simply manage put new life in iPhone X.

Moreover, the face ID facial mapping system can be combined with many other applications. In Snapchat, for example, facial filters are applied much faster and attached to the face. In the camera, it can be used to apply filters of lighting only to the face, and in the case of Animojis, they are able to capture up to 50 types of different muscular movements, to be able to make one become an emoji for a limited time.

But, why do you want to become emoji? First, the question should be why you do not want to be an emoji, and secondly, to use it in applications like iMessage to leave voice messages that are read with your gestures, or simply to give your emoji intention. How many times did you send an icon thinking that it meant something and on the other side interpreted it differently? Now everything will be much clearer with this system.

Emojis have become part of our culture and our digital communication and turn them into something much more personalized, it is the step they needed to stay for a long time more. The Animojis will do much more good for the culture of these icons than the Emoji Movie itself. Because there may be nothing more encouraging than a future where emojis no longer speak for us but be us.

So, what do you think about this extraordinary new feature? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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