According to the reports from reliable sources, the leader in the mobile processor industry, of course, ARM is preparing a new chip simply to get into our brains.

ARM Wants To Get Into Our Brains With These Chips

Nowadays, the technology connected to our brain is one of the bets that is being carried out by different companies, the truth is that to realize implants that allow us to put us to the level of the machines and the AI, is the thing of “science fiction”.

Although, we have already seen interesting projects such as Elon Musk has a new goal, connecting the human brain with artificial intelligence. Also, recently we saw in the presentation of the F8 of this 2017, as Facebook wants us to write with the mind.

Without a doubt, they are projects that are taking us to another level of knowing the technology, the experience could be extraordinary, its very complex uses, even in the field of medicine. Therefore, there are these bets that want to connect our brain to a device.

Till to the date, we have a new implementation in the market since ARM is confirming that they have begun to carry out tasks, to achieve to develop chips to implant in the brain.

Platform Cortex-M0

ARM is the leader in the mobile processor industry, which is currently used by multiple companies such as Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung and even Intel. However, they are not satisfied with what they have been able to achieve, since, they want to make a significant leap, to get into the human to join the brain signals and computers, in general.

According to the company, the new technology will be based on its Cortex-M0 platform, this new version will be prioritized in the low energy consumption and the heat emission, something that, being a problem, since you do not think that they implemented something hot in our brain.

Small and powerful, they are two words that define this new Soc of the company, which will be able to decode the signals of the brain and then transform them into digital signals so that it can be read from a computer and vice versa. It is clear that ARM simply wants to help before the arrival of the sensory prostheses, which today require medical intervention, therefore, the implementation of this new technology will help a lot.

The project has the collaboration of Neuro-Sensorimotor Engineering (CSN), the University of Washington, where it is being carried out together with ARM in helping patients with Parkinson’s, spinal injuries or those who have suffered strokes.

Dr.Scott Ransom, CSNE’s Director of Industry and Innovation Relations, shared his thoughts on collaboration: “We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with a company like ARM. A strong ARM experience in high-energy-efficient microprocessors complements the CSNE’s work in computational neuroscience and the brain-computer interface, and we hope that the association to direct advances in medical technology not only, but also other such applications such as consumer electronics.”

Without any doubt, ARM wants to implement chips to our brain for a kind purpose, as it wants to help us in possible conditions or diseases, as the possibilities are endless. However, at the moment, there is no release date and everything seems to indicate that it will take years for the arrival of the new technology.

So, what do you think about this new technology? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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