Memorizing back the event when Bill and Melinda Gates were questioned about superpowers, Bill gates wants you to participate in his quiz and determine your Superpower IQ, the quiz contains remarkable questions which are uniquely designed to raise the knowledge of an energy dilemma.

Bill Gates Wants To Know How High Is Your “Superpower IQ”

Poverty is the biggest issue as we know many people across the world are fighting really hard to ensure the good tomorrow for their upcoming generations and we will never hesitate to state that Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates is one of the leaders who is notably analyzing something to make this world a better place for living a life problem free.

Memorizing back the event when Bill and Melinda Gates were asked few questions by some high school students in Kentucky where one of the questions asked “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” on which Bill and Melinda Gates answers “More time! More Energy!”

Bill Gates wrote on his blog that “Time and energy mean one thing in rich countries and something else entirely when looked at through the eyes of the world’s poorest families.”

He also wrote “More than one billion people today live without access to energy. No electricity to light and heat their homes, power hospitals and factories, and improve their lives in thousands of ways”

He also wrote about girls and women around the world who spend huge amounts of time doing hard work for no money which includes walking miles to gather firewood to meet their energy need.

Bill gates designed a quiz that will ultimately let you know that how much you know about health care, nature of development and income growth matters and the quiz is the part of Gates Notes blog’s to raise the consciousness of an energy dilemma. So, go forward and try this quiz which is about Time, Energy and Superhero


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