Black Bird Release Date & Time Where To Watch It Online
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“Black Bird” was based on actual events. It tells the story of Jimmy Keene, a young man sentenced to 10 years for selling drugs.

Black Bird – a new global thriller series from production company Film Constellationwill premiere on Apple TV Plus on Friday, July 8, 2022.

Black Bird: Where To Watch It Online?

Black Bird Release Where To Watch It Online
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Apple TV+ will launch Black Bird at Midnight ET or 9 pm PT. The first two episodes will premiere on July 8, 2022, followed by one new episode until Thursday, August 5, 2022. The six-episode series will be released globally.

The heart-touching lines in the story “I never wanted this for you!” Jim Keene tells his son, who is just starting working with the Mafia. “I wanted you to get a steady paycheck, kids, a family… an entirely different life”.

On Wednesday, Apple released the official trailer for its original series with stars Christina Hendricks, Elizabeth Debicki, Jacki Weaver, and Bob Balaban.

Inspired by actual events, Black Bird is the story of Jimmy Keene, son of a decorated police officer and a former high school football star. The film follows Jimmy’s life as he falls victim to drugs and crime after being cheated on by his girlfriend and becoming a party animal.

His secrets mount until, eventually, there’s no way for him to escape what happened anymore. The character’s tribulations turn into struggles” and lead him in front of a judge, where he is convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison.