You Can Get Up To $150,000, if You Suggest
You Can Get Up To $150,000, if You Suggest "How to hack the Pentagon"

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is offering a bounty of $150,000 for any computer hacker who can discover vulnerabilities in the Pentagon’s security systems. The defense department on Thursday announced that it would join hands with San Francisco based company HackerOne for the campaign of “hack the Pentagon,”.

You Can Get Up To $150,000, if You Suggest “How to hack the Pentagon”

The “Hack the Pentagon” campaign will begin on April 18 and will last till May 12. It will give hackers a legal avenue to report security vulnerabilities and claim a reward.

Interested Hackers will have to register in order to participate in this challenge. However, the company is having strict rules for eligibility criteria as hacker must have a US social security number, eligible to work in the US, must agree to a criminal background inspection to claim a bounty amount.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in a press release stated, “This initiative will put the department’s cybersecurity to the test in an innovative but responsible way,”.  “I encourage hackers who want to bolster our digital defenses to join the competition and take their best shot.”

This is the first ever bug bounty scheme organised by the US government. We have also seen that many tech giants like Google, Facebook offer rewards to hackers who can discover bugs/vulnerabilities in their cyber security.

CEO of HackerOne, Marten Mickos said, bug bounty programs is the best strategy adopted by any organization with the intention to improve its security.

Mickos further said “Collaboration and transparency with external finders has become essential to securing connected software on the Internet,”.

“Embracing the hacker community is not only a watershed move by the Pentagon, among the world’s most powerful organizations, but also signals deeply promising progress for all of software security.”


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