You Can Soon Try the Android Games Without Installing Them

The new ad format labeled “search trial run ads” will unroll soon. This new feature will allow you to try Android games without downloading them.

Users can soon search for any android game in Google Search, and they will see a new option: the “Try Now” button, which will appear in Google Search Results.

You Can Soon Try the Android Games Without Installing Them

You can try the game for about 10 minutes without installing it. You can try any android game hassle-free; if you have a stable WiFi connection, use the “Try Now” Button, which will be adjacent to the install button in Google Search.

This new ad format will also help you save your internet data as the user will try the game before installing it, and if the user finds the game up to the mark, he/she will install it. This feature is expected to unroll in the next few weeks.

“Google will also roll out a new type of targeting for Android apps that allows you to show ads to users who have spent more than 30 minutes playing games, or who have played a Google Play Games integrated game, in the last 30 days” states Android Developers Blog.

In January 2016, Google announced that users could play games without needing a Google+ account, and in the meantime, you no longer have to sign in frequently, as you earlier did while installing the games.

This feature will be beneficial for users who have limited Internet Data plans. Especially for those downloading games with 1GB or more size, as it badly hurts the user if it finds the game is not up to the mark and will also not disappoint the user.


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