The biggest myth about saving battery in iPhone has been clarified by Apple. Many smartphone users often close the apps if their device’s battery starts draining. However, Apple has revealed that closing the apps won’t improve the battery life at all.

Closing Apps in iPhone Doesn’t Improve The Battery Life, says Apple

We all take measures in order to preserve our smartphones battery, one of measure is that we often close all the apps in order to save our battery, however Apple labeled this method as myth.

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Senior Vice President of Apple, Craig Federighi has clarified that closing the apps in iOS won’t preserve the battery of the smartphone.

According to 9to5Mac, a user emailed Apple’s CEO, Tim cook about this issue but company’s president, Craig Federighi replied on behalf on Cook. He said that “There is a downside to accessing the multi-tasking menu and closing those background apps. Swiping away those apps to save battery life on the other hand has an opposite effect, says Federighi”.

Microsoft recommends Lumia users to close the apps that aren’t in use in order to extend the battery life.

Samsung stated about its new Smart Manager that “You can view and optimise your device through closing running apps and uninstalling unnecessary apps,”.

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If you want alternate ways of preserving the battery life, you can reduce the screen’s brightness as it is one of major cause of battery drainage. Also, if you are iPhone user, you can use the Low Power Mode which Apple introduced in the latest version of iOS which when switched shuts down different processes behind the battery drainage.

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