One of the most popular video game, Counter Strike 1.6 is now playable on Android devices. Android developer has ported the full PC version of Counter Strike 1.6 on Android and it even supports multi-players. However, it is not released by actual developer of Counter Strike [Valve Corporation], this game has been ported by Android developer Alibek Omarov.

Counter Strike 1.6 Can Be Now Played on Android Devices 

Counter Strike is among the most popular PC games, the nostalgic game has been ported by Android developer solely. However, you are not able to download this game on the Play Store because it is not the official version, the developer has put the APK of the game available online.

This game works great on a computer which lets you take control of all the keyboard keys including a mouse. Omarev managed to completely rewrite the code of Counter Strike 1.6 in order to make it run on Android devices. He has put all the controls on screen like refilling the ammo, point out on objects etc.

However, the on screen controls look disarranged, you can customize them too as the developer Omarev has also published the source code on Github, thus allowing anyone to alter the things in the game.

How To Run Counter Strike on Android

In order to play this game, you must have Steam account and the APK of Counter Strike game. Before proceeding further you will need game files in order to run it on Android device.

  1. Download the APK of the game, you will see two APK files, first is for smartphone with multi core chipset and another one is for single core chipset smartphones.

2. Then you need to install Xash3D APK file.

3. After doing above two steps, on your PC, head over to Steam directory where you have installed the game and then copy these folders, cstrike & valve. After that paste them in Xash folder in the smartphone’s SD card.

4. Now all you need is to run CS16Client on your device.

The steps mentioned above look little bit complicated, but it should run if you followed the above steps properly.

The developer, Omarev on Reddit also stated that game is quite slow on Android, he said that the users should tolerate with him.


  1. This is very interesting.!! I would love to play this game on my phone. But is this safe ? Please keep me updated on this topic.

    • We can’t assure you about its safety because this game is solely ported by developer who is not linked to Valve corporation. Infact, Valve could also sue the developer for violating their norms… Sure, we’ll keep you updated about this topic..


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