Crash Any iPhone Using A Simple Text Message

Today we are here with the discussion on Crash Any Iphone Using A Simple Text message.  As we know apple(ios) is very much popular in all over the world and more than billion of people are using apple devices today. Now smart device like iphone and ipad are now most popular in the tech world. And recently a flaw was found in the iphone. This is a message vulnerability by which if a specific message got send from one iphone to iphone then the receiver iphone will get crashes. Just read out the below to have a clean look on this discussion.

iPhone Crash And Rebbot With A Single Message

iPhone Crash And Rebbot With A Single Message
iPhone Crash And Rebbot With A Single Message

This flaw is of messaging app which crashes iphone when it get some special crafted message and the iphone starts rebooting until the message is again send from the other device. This vulnerability only get active when the message receive is too from iphone. And this vulnerability is only found in iphone not in any other ios devices like ipad, ipod, mac etc.

After appearing first on Reddit, the weird string of text message characters has been started exploiting by users and sending the text to other iPhone users to block them from seeing Messages from other recipients.

Crash any iPhone TechHacks
Crash any iPhone with this text message

With this the message arrives in the user messaging app and the iphone get crashes and messaging app will not be access able until the iphone reboots. This flaw was recently reported by number of user when this message got popular on the internet. And the user have to wait to receive a new message to get the perfect working of iphone back.

So above discussion is all about Crash Of iPhone With A Single Crafted Message, this exploit is disturbing all the iphone user with the increase in the sharing of the message. Also some of the forums gave the temporary solutions for this. Apple will too work on this to fix this bug in iphone. Hope you like our update, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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