How To Create An AliExpress Technical Document For Your Products
How To Create An AliExpress Technical Document For Your Products

This is the document that every buyer must make, it doesn’t have to be fancy, I use Google  Docs to create mine. Basically, the technical document is a detailed best sheet that contains all the information that you want in the product.

How To Create An AliExpress Technical Document For Your Products

You can make your however you want just be sure to capture every detail. You have to assume that unless you specify you want something your supplier won’t do it. If you could order a red polo shirt you need to specify which shade of red you want or else, you could be in for surprise. This is especially important if you are creating a private label product to sell on eBay.

I have had products sent to me where the logo was in the wrong location, the color was incorrect and the material wasn’t that I asked for. I learned the hard way that suppliers won’t chase you if they are unsure of something, they will just do whatever is easiest for them.

Here is a sample of my technical document.

I start by providing a link to the product so that there is no confusion. I also provide a picture which is just a screenshot. Now even though I say I want a blue shirt I still ask for a color swatch, because there are over a thousand shares of blue and I want to make sure that I get the right one.

Here I ask the different sizes and I pointed out that I want American sizes. There is a big difference between a US large and a Chinese large but even that’s not good enough. To be a hundred percent safe I even provide measurements, which is the approach that we take at SaleSource. I give them my logo and tell them where to put it.

Believe it or not, I have had suppliers send me shirts with logos on the back because I didn’t tell them to put it on the front. As you can see there’s no detail that’s too small if you think your supply can make a mistake make sure to point it out in the document. If there is a possibility that the supplier will misspell a word – make sure to spell it out for them.

If you want a certain material to write it down it’s easy and better to be safe than sorry. When you are done provide a PDF version of this document in your request for a detailed code.

For a better guide that also includes WooCommerce, check out this article.

So to summarize the best way to get a quote is to start with a friendly chat and request general information from at least ten suppliers, ask for the product catalog and chat while WhatsApp to ask as many questions as you want.

Through the process of elimination select t25 suppliers and request a detailed code in your detail code be sure to include the following: How many pieces you really want the price of the product based on your revised MOQ and the technical document which provides all the specs of the product you are looking to be sourced.

Review every response carefully. If you have questions or need clarifications to ask your supplier by email or WhatsApp. If the price is reasonable and you feel the supply can delay and start negotiating.

With regard to selecting a supplier I will leave with this final note: Don’t go overboard searching for a supplier it’s easy to get lost in the details. The fact is there is no perfect supplier. At some point, you have to take the plunge and trust your gut instinct.


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