Learn how to create stop motion videos right from your iPhone, no matter whether your device is lacking this feature by default. You just need to use the app that we have discussed here to easily create stop motion videos.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]top-motion videos are very cool to look at and for that value only most of the people might want to create their valuable videos with that very function. In case you are owning any Smart device then you will find this feature lacking in the default camera app on a device, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do that up ever. As the smartphone can do up just anything, i.e., possible by installing some other applications for that very purposes and you are never bound to the default functions therefore in the case of creating up the Stop motion videos, you can also do that up very easily by using up an app called Stop Motion App. Here in this article, we will discuss the method and ways through which you can easily create the Stop motion videos on your iPhone using the Stop Motion App. Just go and read up the whole article to know about that.

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How to Create Stop-Motion Videos in iPhone

The method is simple and straight, and you will be just using a simple iOS app that will let you create stop motion videos easily. So follow up the below steps to proceed.

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Steps to Create Stop-Motion Videos in iPhone:

1. First of all, Download up the StopMotion Recorder app from the App store on your iOS device and then Install it properly.

2. Once you have successfully installed the Motion App on your iOS device, then you just have to open that app on your device. When this app launches, you will see the home screen of this app where you will have just to tap the “Camera” icon present at the top right corner of the screen. It will help you create a new video project for which you can also give up a title etc.

3. When you begin up with the new project, you will be shifted to the another screen where you can see the text saying “Tap the camera icon to start capturing frames.” Just follow that text and tap on the camera icon that is placed just below the text and start to click the different frames.

Create Stop Motion Video in iPhone
Create Stop Motion Video in iPhone

4. Now the stop motion video will get captured and you can preview the created video and there you can set up the suitable FPS for the video you create and if you think that’s perfect then you can simply save that video.

Create Stop Motion Video in iPhone
Create Stop Motion Video in iPhone

5. Now when you come outside, you will see all the stop motion videos that you have created with the app.

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So above discussion was all about Create Stop Motion Videos on iPhone. This application is available on the App store, and it can help you create the awesome Stop motion videos right on your iOS device. You will also not need to go through some tough ways so as to create up the videos but just click up the frames and bind them up in a superb looking Stop motion videos. So, now go and have a real-time try of this feature on your iPhone using this Stop Motion Recorder App.