Dating Website “Muslim Match” Hacked: Hackers Leaked Everything Online
Dating Website “Muslim Match” Hacked: Hackers Leaked Everything Online

The Famous dating website “Muslim match” has been hacked. The users of Muslim Match are greeted by a security message which says that there had been a “Security breach”

Dating Website “Muslim Match” Hacked: Hackers Leaked Everything Online

Muslim match is a free dating site which was launched way back in the year 2000. This is a site made for those who are looking for marriage. Here users can together share ideas, thoughts to find a suitable marriage partner

According to the sources, the personal details for more than 150,000 users of “Muslim Match” website has been leaked and posted online and the worst part is more than 700,000 private messages between members has also been leaked.

The data was discovered by Security researcher Troy Hunt who broke the news of breach to Motherboard, and also posted data from the leak to his breach notification site Have I Been Pwned?.

According to the news site Motherboard, details of members’ employers, location, marital status and whether they were a convert to Islam were revealed, as well as names, email addresses, Skype handles, and IP addresses have been leaked online.

News site Motherboard also reported that among the 790,000 leaked private messages deals with everything from a religious discussion and small talk to marriage proposal which can impact many users relationship. Among the 790,000 leaked private message, some of them are:

“I was not married or engaged before. As much as I always wanted to share my life with a Muslim wife, I was not fortunate enough to meet my soul mate before now,”

“Fancy chatting to a 2ft, 65 stone geek, with big goggly eyes and a fettish for really crap comic books. Oh and Saturday nites (sic) I like to train spot at Kings Cross… nah didn’t think so :)”

“I’m interested to get to know you, as I am looking for a soul mate / wife, and hope that it will be you. Please write to me and send me your photo please. I will tell you everything about myself too, and please don’t go by what is written in the profile. There are lots to tell you about. Life is too short to waste it without loving someone and be loved by someone.”

The Muslim Match website is currently offline due to the Ramadan and had posted “We have been made aware of an alleged security breach and are reviewing our systems as we work to remedy the situation and tighten our security,” on the website’s homepage