Recently, the Pakistani cyber criminals have certainly released four vulnerable apps on major app stores. Hence, Govt. advised all its citizens to uninstall those 4 apps immediately.

Cyber Fraud Alert!! Delete These 4 Apps From Your Smartphone Immediately

We have seen that a few months ago the group of Pakistani hackers claimed that they have managed to hack over 7,000 Indian websites and also released a list of the company names, as a revenge against the Indian surgical strikes.

So, that was just a message to Indian Hackers through which Pakistani hackers have openly challenged Indian hackers for the Cyberwar by saying “We are Unbeatable”.

Hence, the Indian hackers also hit them back and locked Pakistan govt computers. Indian hackers managed to hack into a large number of Pakistan Government websites and are encrypting the contents of the websites. Reports also state that Pakistani techies are having a hard time holding Indian hackers and had already offered to pay Indian hackers in Bitcoin to regain access to their own sites.

Now, it seems that the Pakistani cyber criminals have certainly released four malware-ridden apps on major app stores. So, if any user installs them on their smartphones, then it will be able to steal raw information, including the bank details.

Hence, the Indian Government recommended all its citizens to delete those four vulnerable applications (Top Gun, Mpjunkie, Bdjunkie, and Talking Frog) on their mobile phones immediately.

Now let me clear few things about those four vulnerable applications, first of all, the “Top Gun” it is a gaming app, “Mpjunkie” it is a music app then the “Bdjunkie” it is a video app and the last one “Talking Frog” it is an entertainment app. So, I hope this will clear all your doubts regarding these four vulnerable applications.

However, recently the government is asking all its citizens to adopt cashless economy just after the demonetization of Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500 notes. Hence, more and more people have now already started using the e-wallets and net banking. So, the every citizen should remain careful about any coming threats and should stay aware before installing any of new applications from the unknown developers.