[dropcap]F[/dropcap]inally, it looks like Huawei’s troublesome days could come to an end as Trump administration is considering lifting the trade ban on Huawei. That means that all US Companies will be allowed to sell products to the Huawei.

Finally! Donald Trump Lifts Huawei Ban

Well, if you are staying updated with the latest tech news across the world, then you might be well aware of the ongoing battle between the U.S government and Huawei. The Huawei ban by the US is amongst the hot topics in the technology sector. It all started the previous month when the Trump administration included the Chinese Giant Huawei under the dreaded entity list.

Trump administration believes that doing business with Huawei could lead to a matter of national security. The Chinese Giant, of course, Huawei has already suffered lots of loss due to the trade ban because the company was not only restricted to sell products in the US but also not able to purchase anything from the US companies.

In case, if you don’t know, after the trade ban on Huawei, lots of US Companies have incurred losses because they were unable to do any business with Huawei, which is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Despite the ban, some US Companies have been found exploiting loopholes in the US Laws to continue doing business with Huawei to avoid the losses.

After considering all such things, the US Government has been pressed to reconsider the trade ban. Recently at the G20 Summit in Osaka, US President Donald Trump had talked with Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding the ongoing trade war and has reached an agreement.

Finally! Donald Trump Lifts Huawei Ban
Finally! Donald Trump Lifts Huawei Ban

As a result of an agreement, Donald Trump had reversed the ban on Huawei. That means that US companies like Google, Qualcomm, etc. were now allowed to do business with Huawei.

“These are American companies producing the products. This is complex … highly scientific. We are the only one with the technology. I have agreed to allow them to continue selling the products I like our companies selling things to others … very complex things. These are not things easy to make … our companies were very upset, but we are allowing them. So if it is not a national security issue, we are allowing them to sell,” Donald Trump said in a statement to the media.

It’s worth to note that the trade agreement hasn’t yet undertaken, but it will happen pretty soon. So, as of now, the ban still stands on Huawei. So, what’s your opinion on this? Share your views in the comment box below.


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