When it comes to free data recovery software, I don’t think EaseUS needs any introduction. After all, how many tools out there can offer you “any-device, any-format” recovery, and that too for free? I guess not too many of them.

EaseUS Data Recovery: Software To Restore Deleted Files

So that’s what this article is about, I’m reviewing EaseUS here to get you a clearer picture of what the tool is capable of.

EaseUS: – An Insight

EaseUS is a data recovery tool that allows you to recover your lost data from almost any kind of device and of any format.
Although there are other tools for the same purpose in the market, there are quite a number of reasons why EaseUS dominates them all:-
⦁ It’s extremely simple.
⦁ Supports a wide range of file types.
⦁ Can recover data from almost any kind of device.
⦁ It’s free! (Along with an optional paid version for people like me who’re in absolute love with EaseUS!)

What EaseUS Offers:-

Seamless and Easy Recovery:-
Select Device > Select Files > Recover.
That’s all the steps you need to take in order to recover files using EaseUS!


As you can see in the screenshot, that’s where you select your drives/devices and then click on Next! On the next screen, you’ll get all the files that EaseUS can recover for you. Just select the files and click on recover.

EaseUS settings

Which Devices Can EaseUS Recover Data From?
Almost any device that’s capable of losing or getting data corrupted. That’s what I love the most about EaseUS. Regardless of where I lost my data, I’m always sure of getting it back.
EaseUS can recover data from:-

EaseUS Recover Data

⦁ Hard-disk.
⦁ USB sticks.
⦁ Cameras.
⦁ Cell phones.
⦁ Music Players

Basically, any other device which consists of digital data. I’ve honestly never found a common, day-to-day device that EaseUS doesn’t support.

When Can You Recover Data Using EaseUS?
I’ve been with quite a number of data recovery tools by now, and most of them allow recovery only in a very limited scenario, the most common being “data being accidentally deleted.”

But not EaseUS! EaseUS is capable of bringing data back from the dead regardless of how the data met its death.
The most common data recovery scenarios EaseUS supports:-

Recover Data Using EaseUS

⦁ If you delete data accidentally.
⦁ If you format your device.
⦁ Hard-drive damaged.
⦁ If your device is attacked by a virus.
⦁ If your OS crashes.
⦁ If you lose your partition.
⦁ And a lot more!

Preview Files:-

You can preview files before recovering them with EaseUS. This makes sure that you don’t get back the files you deleted intentionally.
This feature is something that a lot of other data recovery tools in the market lack profoundly, even the premium ones, but with EaseUS, you get that with even the free version.

Import/Export Results:-

It’s something I’ve found exclusively with the EaseUS data recovery solution. What this feature does is you can export your scan results and then import them later.


It comes in handy in case you’ve scanned a large number of files and, for some reason, couldn’t proceed to the next step of recovering them.

So you can just import those results and proceed to recover them rather than having to scan the device again.

Final Verdict:-

So that was it, folks. I’m pretty sure if you’ve ever lost data and if everything else fails, EaseUS won’t! I’ve used it to recover over 300 files, including images, music files, and even complete folders!

So personally, I’m happy with what I’m getting with the tool, and I switched to premium just days ago; most of my files were recovered using the free version, so I know for a fact that the free version is more than enough for most of you.

Do try it out for yourselves, and let me know if you’ve got a doubt or question regarding EaseUS!


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