How to Enable Google Authentication for Withdrawals

With the rise of cryptocurrency, the risk of hacking attempts also increases. Cryptocurrency exchanges have become prime targets for hackers who try to keep an eye on all your transactions.

While keeping our online account as secure as possible is recommended, a few things are not in your hand. To deal with all security issues and minimize the risk of hacking, Binance came up with a unique feature.

Enable Google Authentication for Withdrawals

Binance now requires you to enable two-factor authentication to keep all your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies safe. So, if you often invest in cryptocurrency, you can rely on Google Authenticator to safeguard your account.

Below, we have shared some simple steps to enable Google Authenticator for Withdrawals. Let’s get started.

1. First, download and install the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. This is the app that helps to add an extra layer of security to the accounts that are synced with it.

Google Authenticator

2. After installing the app, head to the Binance website and log in to this online service using your registered credentials. Once you are logged into your Binance account, look for the Google Authenticator section and then enable the option by using the toggle button ahead of it.

This will reveal a QR code, so please scan it with the phone app and then finalize the enabling of the service on the website.

QR code

3. Add the Binance to the Google authenticator, and then you can work with it. Head again to the Binance website after verifying with the google authenticator app, and then inside it, select the option named “Enable Google Authentication“.

Add all the passwords for security, then tap on the button Enable Google Authentication. This would make changes to the security of the accounts.

Enable Google Authentication

Go to Binance, and you will be asked for the 2FA password you have set. Now, remember that you can add any number of accounts to the Google Authenticator, and all those synced accounts will get to see the added security authentication of 2FA. That’s all!

So, these are some of the simple steps to enable google authentication for withdrawals. If you need more help enabling two-factor authentication, let us know in the comments below.


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