Recently, the primary domain of popular torrent site ExtraTorrent, has been shut down by its registrar. However, currently, the ExtraTorrent’s website is accessible in many parts of the world via backup domains.

ExtraTorrent’s Main Domain Shut Down By Registrar

ExtraTorrent is known as one of the most popular digital content entertainment and software indices in the world. Since this morning the site has lost control of its primary domain, is no longer accessible to users.

ExtraTorrent ranks as the second largest torrent site, after The Pirate Bay. allowed its visitors to search, download and exchange links and other files among users. Unfortunately for many, the domain name has been disconnected by the registrar (Internet BS), so the site is difficult to reach but not impossible because the platform can still be accessed through several backups.

The popularity of ExtraTorrent has put it in the sights of the entertainment industry that feels threatened by the illegal exposure of its products. As a result, copyright groups have consistently pressured hosting companies as well as domain name service providers to take action. In this case, they managed to obtain results with the closure of the domain.


The torrent pages are frequently monitored by the authorities, who take advantage of any occasion to force the closing of their domains. They have even come to the point of arresting some managers of these websites when they got orders directly from court.


As we told earlier that the site’s domain has become unreachable around the world, and a whois search reveals that this is due to a “clienthold” status. So, due to this reason the domain also may get deleted.

However, at the moment the cause has not been specified, but what we are sure is that users should expect to create the website under a new domain if this closure is not a problem more serious than it usually is.


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