We all know that how the social network giant Facebook was criticized for promoting fake news. Now, recently the social network giant Facebook itself has admitted that it has more than 270 million FAKE accounts on its platform which is really alarming.

Facebook Reveals There Are 270 Million FAKE Accounts On Its Platform

In your Facebook account you might come across some accounts that seem to be fake, and sometimes you receive friends requests from these accounts, which sometimes looks very annoying and seems to be a duplicate account of some another person that known to you.

However, at that time you can report these account to the social network giant Facebook as fake and the social network giant Facebook will review that account on your report and if it seems that account is actually fake then it blocks that account from its database.

But, through this, it is not possible to block or stop all the active fake accounts on social network giant Facebook. Having surpassed 2 billion users in the third quarter of the year, the social network giant Facebook has between 2% and 3% of accounts that are “undesirable and poorly classified as users,” the sympathetic form of management of the company that has the same the name of the social network says that it has about 270 million false accounts, raising some questions about its vulnerability, especially at a time when much is speculated about the possible interference of Russia in elections around the world.

The number of “undesirable” accounts in this social network more than doubled when compared to the second and third quarters of this year, rising from about 1% to between 2% and 3%.

In addition, about 10% of social network giant Facebook accounts are duplicates of real users, a figure that is 4% higher than estimated in the previous quarter, which allows to conclude that about 13% of the accounts of this social network giant Facebook are illegitimate or you say “Fake Accounts”.

In presenting its financial results for the third quarter of this year, the social network giant Facebook attributed this increase to improvements in algorithms that monitor the network and detect these false accounts.

The company catalogs as false pages of companies and organizations wrongly classified as profiles, but also accounts created for spamming or other illegal activities within the network. The founder and the CEO of the social network giant Facebook, of course, Mark Zuckerberg said last Wednesday that the company’s efforts to tighten the siege on abusers could influence the company’s profitability in the future.

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