In recent times the Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on incorporating new features to its Messenger app. Now, it added a new unusual feature to its Messenger app.

Facebook Just Added An Unusual Feature To Its Messenger App

As if there were not enough ads on Facebook itself, now the social network has revealed that Messenger will also have sponsored content. As shown in the next image, ads will appear just below your recent conversations in large boxes (relative to the size of the conversations).

According to Facebook, ads will not appear directly in your conversations, just on the Messenger homepage. They will only come as a conversation if you send a message to the advertiser of the company, a great advantage of the possibility of service via Facebook Messenger.

The decision was made after several suggestions from advertisers who believe Messenger is a good tool for “talking to consumers, driving sales, building brand awareness, and increasing user satisfaction.” With more than one billion active users, one can imagine that space if well directed, is very profitable for Facebook.

In the announcement of the update, Facebook reveals that one billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month. With the growing use of the tool like SAC, it may even be a smart strategy to target some ads to Messenger and others to Facebook.

For now, ads are only showing for users in Australia and Thailand. Surprisingly, Facebook said it will still think long before expanding this test to the rest of the world to “deliver the best experience for advertisers and users” of Messenger. So, for further simply we have to wait, let’s wait then.


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