We all know that many negative aura is hovering over the social media giant Facebook but, still it’s on the track to hit 2 Billion users this year.

Facebook On Track To Hit 2 Billion Users This Year

Facebook, the largest Internet social network, has been through less good times in recent times. The fake news scandal has haunted users who now look suspiciously at what is published.

But even with this negative aura hovering over Facebook, users do not miss spending hours connected to it and share everything they can. The results for the last quarter of 2016 again show record numbers, and that interest in Facebook does not seem to slow down.

It was just a few hours ago that Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the figures for the end of 2016. In addition to the very important values of revenue and profit, new data was presented.

The millions of users that Facebook has daily

Facebook already has 1.23 billion daily users, with 1.15 billion accessing via mobile devices. Monthly active users are 1.86 billion and 1.74 billion mobile access.

Curiously, these numbers, which are unique to a social network or any service, represent a growth of only 3.91% over the last quarter, which is lower than the 4.67% presented a few months ago.

Facebook revenue and profits

As it is a profit-oriented company, the financial results for the last quarter were also known. In this quarter, Facebook reported $8.8 billion and $3.56 billion in revenue. Mobile advertising accounted for 84% of revenue this quarter.

In total for the year 2016, Facebook managed to fit $27 billion dollars, which represents a 57% increase over the previous year. Much of this growth can be attributed to Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

The results of other Facebook services

The complementary services to Facebook were also the target of presentation. Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Instagram recently passed the mark of 600 million users. Messenger already has 400 million users using monthly voice and video calls and WhatsApp has more than 1.2 billion monthly users, which send 50 billion messages every day.

These are impressive numbers across its size and show that Facebook continues to grow in a sustained manner, reinforcing its position as the most important social network on the Internet.


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