Facebook announced this week an integration with MSQRD application that allows you to exchange and edit users’ face in photos and videos. The features are similar to Snapchat which helps utilize different masks and filters while the video is running.

Facebook Wants to Destroy Snapchat by getting Snapchat-like filters from MSQRD

Facebook has big plans to continue to expand and improve their live video platform this year, starting with support for MSQRD app. In the coming weeks, you can use the live Facebook the application filters MSQRD.

Let me tell you what is MSQRD, it is a face-swapping and filter app that helps users to use different types of effects and masks while taking the live photograph, videos or selfies. Moreover, users can also swap the faces.

Facebook acquired the Masquerade (or simply MSQRD) in March, with the intention to “continue to improve the video experience of Facebook,” a social network spokesman said.

It is worth noting that after Snapchat adds facial recognition feature and then funny filters, Snapchat has made a tremendous success, so it is no wonder Facebook moved quickly to incorporate MSQRD technology in its rapid growth of the Live platform.

In a sense, Facebook’s move is another addition in video war and an ongoing message that the company is pursuing against Snapchat. Last year, Snapchat bought facial recognition startup Looksery to develop a technology similar to MSQRD. Following this Facebook has great plans to continue improving its live video platform this year, within few weeks you can go live on Facebook from the MSQRD app and can utilize Snapchat-like feature while the video is running.

Facebook had some other live announcements to make. Probably by the end of the year, you will be able to invite a friend to participate in a live broadcast. “There are tons of new possibilities with this format: interviews, debates, duets, collaborations, and more,” wrote Facebook in a press release.