Law Enforcement Agency, FBI reportedly paid professional hackers for assisting them in cracking the iPhone which belonged to San Bernardino shooter. The hackers reportedly provided FBI a tool which helped them in cracking the iPhone 5c.

FBI Paid Hackers For Tool That Cracked San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone

The hackers discovered a software flaw in the iPhone 5c, then they used the information to build a tool that helped FBI to decrypt the iPhone’s four digit PIN without activating a security feature that would have wiped all the data after 10 failed attempts.

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Earlier FBI Director, James Comey said that the agency had purchased tool from a third party to unlock the iPhone, however he didn’t explained it further. The report further stated that FBI had not used the services of Israeli Mobile Forensics firm Cellebrite to break into the iPhone.

Last Week, Comey claimed that the hardware works only with iPhone 5c which was reportedly provided to San Bernardino shooter by his employer, the San Bernardino County health department.

The FBI claimed that cracking the four digit PIN generally takes 26 minutes, which was not the big deal for the agency. Initially, FBI faced a great challenge in disabling the security feature in iPhone, as it wipes out the data after 10 incorrect attempts. A second feature also undeviatingly increases the time allowed between attempts.

However, details of the hackers were not available at the mean time, but reports claimed that one of them was considered as “gray hat” hacker.

Officials haven’t yet disclosed whether any vital information was recovered from the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5c. Also, they haven’t commented anything whether they will share the method with Apple which they used to hack into the iPhone.


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