Having your smartphone stolen is a lot worse than simply losing it. However, a film student spied on everything a thief did with his stolen smartphone

Film Student Spied On Everything A Thief Did With His Stolen Phone

Smartphones have become part of people’s lives. Most people do utmost care of their smartphones than for their safety, especially if you are having expensive smartphones, you have to do great care of it and having your smartphone stolen is a lot worse than simply losing it.

Film student Anthony van der Meer was having lunch in Amsterdam, when his iPhone suddenly disappeared and Apple’s Find my iPhone feature failed to help him recover his stolen iPhone because the thief already disposed the SIM card and disconnected the iPhone from the internet.

The film student decided to set up a second smartphone heist, this time he preloaded his phone with spyware that simply let him spy on everything the thief did with his stolen smartphone. Van der Meer installed an anti-theft app Cerberus, this app helped him access the location of the device and also get the option to retrieve any file stored the phone.

This app also allows him to spy on the bandit with the help of Phone’s camera and microphone. Van der Meer said, “After my phone got stolen, I quickly realized just how much of my personal information and data the thief had instantly obtained”. “So, I let another phone get stolen. This time my phone was pre-programmed with spyware, so I could keep tabs on the thief in order to get to know him.”

The phone that he used to lure a victim in was HTC One because you can’t run spyware apps like Cerberus in iPhone. So, thanks to the spyware app installed on the device thief didn’t even know was there. Over the next two week, Van der Meer secretly followed the thief and he documented his each and every move into 22 minutes long documentary.

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